A dream about Celine Dion

On the 26.01.2024 I was going through the checkout at the supermarket, when I heard a lady singing on their sound system. So I asked the young girl who served me: “Is that Celine Dion?” She smiled, and said: “Yes.”

That night as I lay in bed, I decided to pray for Celine. I remembered seeing photos of her on the YouTube, where she looked so thin and frail, and people were asking for prayer for her to recover, etc. So I said a simple little prayer for the Lord to heal her: body, soul and spirit.

Later that night I had a dream that I was beside her bed praying for her. It was in a small room on the ground floor, with a stained glass window to my left. When I finished the prayer I felt I should kiss her left hand as a gesture of love towards her. When I did that, a powerful force hit me and I went flying out of that room, sliding on the floor of a big room. It was like a hardwood floor nicely polished, so I slid easy.

Then Celine rose out of bed, and grew to about twice her size, grabbed me by the back of my shirt, and threw me out of the front door. I slide down about ten steps that were about two inches high, then she kicked me in my stomach with shoes that had a pointed end. Then she backhanded me with her right hand, hitting my right cheek and tearing it open with the rings on her fingers. After that she dragged me onto the lawn, hammering me.

I remembered reading a story many years before about Oral Roberts being attacked by a woman who was demon possessed. She was big, and was throwing him around like a rag doll. He said that God used his right hand to heal the sick, so he got his right hand on the woman’s forehead and cast the devil out.

So got my right hand on Celine’s forehead and commanded the devil to leave. She let go of me, and I fell on my back on the lawn. Then Celine shrunk back to her normal size, and asked: “What happened?” She seemed oblivious as to what had happened to her. That was the end of the dream.

The next morning my left foot was sore, but I ignored the feeling, and looked at my face in the mirror. My face was normal, so that was a relief. I remember going on the computer to try and see what Celine Dion’s house looked like. Apparently she has a number of houses, and I couldn’t see anything that matched. In the dream, it was not winter like it is here in Canada, so maybe the setting was somewhere in the southern United States.

Later in the day, I got to thinking of all the things the devil had stolen from me and so I started calling him all kinds of bad names. Lots of his people have called me lots of bad names, so I felt I had a right to use them on him.

When I went to bed that night, my left foot was so sore, that I took my sock off, and saw that my big toe was all red and swollen much bigger than the toe on my right foot. The whole top of my left foot was also red. That night, the pain was so bad that I could hardly sleep. That went on for three nights of tremendous pain. During the day I would move around with crutches because the pain was so severe. My family would bring food up to my room for me.

When I got up the following morning, I felt I must put the blood of Jesus on my toe. So I used one crutch to get down the stairs, while everyone else was sleeping. I ate some unleavened bread as the body of Christ, and drank some grape juice as the blood of Jesus. Then I poured the rest of the grape juice (the blood of Jesus) on my left toe.

The pain went away! Glory to God!

There is one thing I have learnt from this experience. I must not pick a fight with the devil again. In the book of Jude, he quotes some unknown scripture about Michael not bringing any railing accusation against the devil, but just said: “The Lord rebuke you.” (Jude verse 9). I am just flesh and blood, and am no match for the devil.

Then on YouTube earlier this week, I saw Celine Dion at a Grammys show, and she looked so much better than she had looked previously. That was on 04.02.2024, which was about ten days after I had prayed for her. So I am curious as to what happened to her.