Country Gospel Songs by Slim Whitman

When I was a little boy, someone had a record of Slim Whitman singing country gospel songs, and I loved it. Some of those songs are featured here, and I hope they are a blessing to you.

1. Sunrise

Slim Whitman has come to the end of the way, and I trust he has made it safely into the arms of Jesus. I think these country gospel songs are a tribute to his faith in Christ.

2. Who at my door is standing – a Country Gospel Song by Slim Whitman

In Revelation 3,20, Jesus is knocking at your heart’s door.

3. He

4. Beyond the sunset

5. What’s this world coming to

6. Today is mine

As you listen to these beautiful country gospel songs by Slim Whitman, are you saved? When your life is over, will you go to be with the Lord? If not, get on your knees and ask Jesus to be your Savior.

7. I’ll never pass this way again

8. Under his wings

9. How great thou art

10. It is no secret

11. I’ll fly away

12. God be with you

13. Whispering hope

14. A satisfied mind

15. Each step I take

Today these words were running through my head: “I know that He will guide me.”

16. He reached down his hand

17. Suppertime

18. I’m a pilgrim

When I was young, this was my favorite country gospel song by Slim Whitman.

19. Walk with God

20. I’ll walk with God

The same song with different pictures.

21. What kind of God do you think that you are

I think these are the kind of questions a person asks when they lose a loved one.

22. Die son skyn weer more

‘Sunrise tomorrow’ in Afrikaans.

23. Fluist’rende hoop

‘Whispering hope’ in Afrikaans.

24. I’m a Pilgrim – a different video

A nice video.

25. Let’s go to church (next Sunday morning)

26. Just a closer walk with Thee

27. Face to face

28. Canaan’s land

29. Lord, help me be as Thou

30. Great judgment morning

31. Precious memories

32. What a friend we have in Jesus

33. There’s a goldmine in the sky

34. God be with you – a different video

35. It is no secret what God can do – a different video

Written by Stuart Hamblen.

36. He keeps me singing